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Rio Breaks tells the story of two best friends, Fabio and Naama, as they navigate their way between life in the slums and surfing on their favorite beach. Thirteen-year-old Fabio and twelve-year-old Naama live in a huge favela near Arpoador Beach, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What will happen to these best friends? Will their friendship survive the pressures of life in the favela? Can surfing offer a way out and the possibility of a better life?

This is the story of Rio Breaks.

‘Gentle, touching and beautifully captured, this is the best surfing documentary since Riding Giants’ - Total Film

'A poignant study of the Rio kids who see breaking waves as the only escape from a short life of crime with a favela drug gang' - Empire

DVD out now on Mr Bongo

You can buy the DVD on the new Mr Bongo website

The favela surf club urgently needs help

The favela surf club is an amazing NGO in Morro do Cantagalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The club's aim is to give kids from the community the opportunity to surf and learn about the ocean. The club also offers lessons on how to fix and shape surfboards, and is a key hub for sport and culture for many kids in the favela.

Sadly, the favela surf club is surviving on a shoestring - and needs your help.

You can help keep the stoke alive by donating what they need the most; equipment to get out in the water - and surf:

1. 5 surfboard leashes cost £10
2. Board shaping materials cost £50
3. A brand new surfboard cost £300

Obrigado e boas ondas! Thank you!

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